Brisbane-based sisters, Gabrielle and Laura, together with their mum Anne-Marie, are behind The Little Christmas Co. The girls love Christmas and decorating their homes with a fresh evergreen Christmas tree each festive season.

The family are lucky enough to have a property at Mt Mee (located just outside Brisbane), where it became a family tradition to kick-off the festive season by searching the paddocks for a pine tree to take home and decorate as their annual Christmas tree.

Friends and family loved these real trees so much that the girls decided to bring up Monterey Pines (the real Christmas tree variety) from Victoria so that you too can enjoy a fresh Christmas tree.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Anne-Marie, Gabrielle & Laura

We are lucky enough to have family with a small property at Mt Mee just outside Brisbane. It has become a family tradition over the last few years to kick off the festive season by scouring the property for a pine to bring back for Christmas. It always signals the beginning of the festive season.

We enjoy it so much we decided to bring real Christmas
trees to Brisbane so it can become a part of your family tradition too.



& Laura



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